Footage has emerged of an alleged ‘actual PlayStation 5 startup sequence’ in the wild. Twitter users @VirtuaMe and @Sm1LeXZ uploaded the grainy footage earlier today (25th January 2020) potentially showing the next generation console booting up. The first video doesn’t show the user interface, and neither show the controller or any branding on the physical console whatsoever so take this information with a pinch – or handful – of salt.

Some users have discounted the footage as fake, with one user pointing out the length of the boot sequence. They believe the sequence would be much shorter due to the PS5’s rumoured SSD load times, but others stated the sequence would still be drawn out as it’s Sony’s ‘signature’. “C’mon man. Sony’s boot screen is signature and not gonna be over in 2 seconds. They’ll forever keep it at the speed they want it at” wrote @JayDubcity16. “The OG PS1 load screen is the exact same boot time as the PS4’s. That’s a signature.”

With no mention where this footage has actually been acquired from, and users @VirtuaMe and @Sm1LeXZ not saying anything else about the potential console there’s no way of knowing the authenticity. Well, until the rumoured actual PlayStation 5 launch event coming in February that is. Or someone confirms it. And lets be honest here, that just won’t happen. Oh well, February will be here in no time. And yes, we’ll be keeping you updated every step f the way, you lucky, lucky people.

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