Xbox head Phil Spencer and Inside Xbox’s Major Nelson have been comparing their last ten years of Xbox gaming using TrueAchievements’ #MyDecadeOnXbox infographic. TrueAchievements launched the feature mid-January, resulting in over 100,000 created charts and 65,000 new registrations to the leading Xbox community website, plus a trending hashtag on Twitter, reaching the top 3 in the UK on Friday (17/01/20) night.

The infographic takes an Xbox player’s record of games played and achievements won over the last decade and presents them in a digestible format. The stats include players’ most active months, a breakdown of the platforms and genres they have played the most, their best achievement hunting days, fastest completions and more.

Any Xbox player can easily see their own #MyDecadeOnXbox by heading to You can sign up and get your Xbox profile scanned for the infographic in a matter of moments by signing in to your Xbox/Microsoft account.

Here are just some of the statistics we’ve seen so far:

  • Xbox head Phil Spencer’s best year was 2016, earning 11,000 gamerscore
  • No 1. Gamerscore earner in the world, smrnov, earned at least one achievement per day for 3234 days in a row
  • The best score shared so far from is Inside Xbox’s Major Nelson, with 78,800 gamerscore earned in the decade

Fancy checking out your past decade on Xbox? Head over to to get the lowdown. Be sure to let us know what you find out in the comments below.

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