Details are rather vague when it comes to Sucker Punch’s upcoming moody-looking slash ’em up, Ghost of Tsushima – but lets face it, this game looks gorgeous so we just don’t care. What we do know is it’s coming ‘summer 2020’ and we can’t wait. We’ve compiled a few answers to popular questions on this very page, read on for all the latest…

When you notice it’s about to rain and you forgot to bring an umbrella..

When will GoT release?

Fairly tentative, but we can assume it’ll be before July 2020 is over. We don’t have any further info, but we’ll update this as we get it.

What is Ghost of Tsushima about?

The official blurb goes: Steel and swordsmanship – you must master both to survive in this colossal quest across 1274 Japan, where the Mongol army has taken over Tsushima Island. The game follows the story of Jin, a Samurai who battles with the Mongol Empire and barely escapes with his life. Jin must adapt his attack in order to defeat his enemies through stealth and cunning, and earning him the name Ghost of Tsushima.

Are we talking open world here?

Yes. Developer Sucker Punch have confirmed the game will feature a full open world experience the likes of GTA and Fallout. We’d imagine you’d be able to complete quests and follow the story at your leisure. Other details of mechanics in the game are scarce. There are rumours the game will feature crafting – think more Fallout than Minecraft though.

Can you pre-order, and are there any special editions?

Ghost of Tsushima is available now to pre-order from most major stores. Standard editions of the game are priced at £49.99RRP. At the moment, there are no details of any special or retailer editions, but we’ll update this list if any become available in the future.

Will GoT be available on the PS5?

At the moment there has been no confirmation the game will be coming to next-gen hardware, but given the new console will be launching soon after the game a launch seems likely.

Any other news?

Well, the game is aiming to be as authentic as possible, and the developers have confirmed you can add to this by completing the whole game in Japanese. Rumours the game will come with a straw hat and Kimono are yet to be confirmed.

So that’s what we know so far. Are you looking forward to the games release? Are there any features you’re hoping will make it into the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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