So, what exactly is

Well, is a gaming news, reviews and features website, without all the frilly bits or excessive ads that just get in the way.

Uhh there’s already loads, why are you so different?

Our content will be unbiased and ethical, we’ll never sell out or mislead, and we won’t bombard you with ads either. Oh, and we just bloody love games.

What are you selling, how much does it cost?

We’re not selling you anything, and you will always be able to access our site and our information for free – the way it should be, right?

So if you’re not selling anything, how do you make any money?

We run ads on the website, much like others. But where we differ is there won’t be any pop-ups or intrusive ads, just relevant, appropriate adverts. You’ll barely notice them, but they help keep the lights on at TPC Towers.

Anything else I should know?

We’ll be constantly changing and evolving over the coming months as we adapt to take your suggestions and ideas on board. If you’d like to have your voice heard through please let us know